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Berlin based Synthpunk project. DIY Music, Video and Photo since 2009

NEWS #12

There are two more new "Synths n Stuff" Videos +
Live Video from Dresden gig uploaded!
Next Gig in January confirmed!!
Pre-Release almost SOLD OUT!!! :)

NEWS #10

I try to do the albumrelease at the "Young and Cold" festival, or even do some "Pre release" copys for you guys... stay tuned.

Watch the NEW CLIP here!


Just uploaded the first episode of "Synths & Stuff" !!
Sorry for all not German speaking friends, you can turn on the english subtitels, but there not in sync...


New pictures from Deadly Beat - Helsinki on Facebook. What a great Venue on a Boat! 
Next Gig: Young and Cold Festival - Augsburg

This is a new video i just made. It will be also on the new album:


New pictures from the electric-garden-private show on Facebook. What a nice atmosphere there was!!! my first openair! ;)

This video is from the MINICAVE party in Münster:

next week: HELSINKI !!!


So, last but not least: Thanks to everyone wich has been so early at the Gothic-Pogo-Festival on Sunday! It was big fun!
I uploadet some new pictures here. Hope to see you soon in Bolkow on the Castle Party!


+ Next Concert: 23.03.2013 - W3 Hamburg
+ Videos added! 
+ Photos etc added! 

I just started this blog, so I try to upload stuff day by day... check back!